Who are we?

Professional Escort Photographer

Kissed By Light is a small team of professionals operating mainly in the Escort industry in Switzerland in order to best assist independent escorts to enhance their image as much as possible. Beautiful escort photos have an indisputable impact on the income of every Escort and we know that very well. That’s why we put our time, our knowledge and our experience at your disposal to create with you the most glamorous and elegant image that will make your escort photos the key to your success!

As the famous saying goes: “You only have one chance to give a good first impression”. So don’t miss this chance and choose the right team to create your escort photography portfolio in your image.

We assist you like real coaches in choosing the style of shoot you would like to do, the location, the outfits, the music and we also guide you on the poses during your escort photo shooting! So, if you’ve never done erotic photos before, don’t panic: we’re here. You don’t have to worry your photos will match your expectations and even beyond! We don’t leave any of our clients disappointed and make sure you’re happy with the results.

Kissed By Light is your Escort photographer in Switzerland and wants to contribute to your success. Together, let’s beautify your image and let the flower in you bloom! Beautiful escort pictures will inevitably have a positive impact on your income. Let us help you achieve your goals!

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you improve your image and generate you more customers!

See you soon!


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